A stunning pendant featuring the Enduring Word Tablet TM. The Tablet is nestled in the center of the Star of Bethlehem atop an elegant cross. The New Testament chronicle of Christ's earthly life and eternal lessons lies within these symbols of His nativity and crucifixion. The design of the cross is inspired by the theme of the gospels -- the chronicle of Christ's time on earth as a man. The New Testament tablet is nestled within a Star of Bethlehem signifying Jesus' birth, and the cross signifies the salvation brought by Jesus dying on the cross. Packaged in a velvet pouch with an 8 page color brochure.

This beautiful gift set elegantly showcases the pendant in a velvet burgandy gift box. The set includes an illuminated magnifier with viewing instructions, a brochure including magnfied photos of the tablet, and a certificate of completeness or authenticity.