Inscript works to maintain a healthy social and spiritual conscience. In addition to developing products that enhance our spiritual lives, we are committed to improving human well-being in the natural world. Inscript is eager to work with churches and charities. We wish to support your efforts to use Inscript products to raise fund for their local and missionary efforts. Please contact us to tell us more about your goals and needs.

Among other efforts, Inscript is supporting Project Prakash. Through this effort, for as little as $10, a child can have surgery to gain the gift of sight. India is home to 30% of the World's blind and up to a million of them are children. Project Prakash was created to help Indian children, who are blind from cataracts, gain access to doctors and treatments that will help them see again. The success of Project Prakash has been overwhelming. The success for each child, learning to see for the first time, is helping us to learn more about treating blindness and developing programs for visual rehabilitation.

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